Movomech International AB

Movomech International AB is a specialist in advanced handling solutions
within lifting technology and material handling.

With head office and production facilities in Kristianstad, Sweden,
Movomech International is a principled, self-contained enterprise, and all of our products
are developed and manufactured in our premises in Kristianstad.

Our in-house expertise includes competence in all relevant technologies such as automatic control,
automation, 3D CAD design, electric and pneumatic design, prototyping, ergonomics and technical
documentation. On the basis of the Movomech standard product range, we offer to our clients the
complete process from analysis and design to installation, resulting in reliable and solutions that fulfil
our clients’ requirements.

Our customers are often found in the automotive sector, where Movomech International delivers and
installs partial or complete systems in the manufacturing and assembly production lines of
major automobile companies.

Intelligent turnkey system solutions

Complete system solutions, manual or semi-automatic with outbalanced lifters and custom-made
end-effectors, is our speciality. Based on Movomech product modules, we develop complete handling
systems that rationalize the handling in production processes. Our integrated design process results in
reliable turnkey solutions. We take responsibility for the entire process from task analysis and prospecting
to project management, finalized installation and product training.

We offer consultant services, segments of systems, pre-prospecting, individual products, and complete
systems designed for easy installation by your own personnel.

Creative design

Our designers represent an impressive bank of process knowledge. Our design expertise has for many
years been an important factor in Movomech International’s continuing success. Movomech International’s
design concepts are based on our extensive experience and the interaction between practical testing in the
engineering workshop, theoretical calculations and engineering using the latest CAD software.

Design includes everything from the general layout of the rail and transport system, the selection of the
most suitable lifting components with regard to balancing and automatic control, to development of the
perfect end effector for handling. Operator manuals and maintenance manuals are developed by our
documentation engineers after the technical solutions meet the requirements and gain the approval of
each customer.

Effective end effectors for handling

End effectors are the fingers of a system. Our designers always engineer the most effective end effector
for every task. We design end effectors that can handle different types of loads, e.g. when several different
variants of a model are produced in the same production line. This means shorter set-up times and reduced
investment expenses. We work with advanced automatic control technologies in pneumatics, mechanics and
electronics. This often requires a combination of different technological expertise in order to obtain the perfect
handling end effector.

For more information, see our references’ page.