Mechchain Pro II

Easily manoeuvered chain lifter

Mechchain Pro II is an extremely easy-to-manoeuver lifting unit for professional lifting. Frequency control gives a stepless lifting speed controlled by a joystick. Mechchain Pro II combines high precision with an impressive lifting speed.

This lifting unit is suitable when a well-controlled and precise movement is required. Integrated in its travelling carriage, it has the lowest required ceiling height on the market, enabling installation also in cramped work spaces.

Mechchain Pro II has an integrated PLC which simplifies customized features. It is also possible to select remote control in cases where this facilitates handling.

Mechchain Pro II may optionally be equipped with an encoder that reads the axle in the spindle limit switch. This makes it possible to set a lower stop position, as well as a further two stop/start positions along the stroke. The positions are stored in a built in memory in the frequency converter and are not erased in case of power cuts.

For high availability also in challenging environments, Mechchain Pro II has been equipped with control units in aluminium with quick connect to the control cable. There is also a selection of standard brackets as option, for easy mounting on gripper tools or vacuum yokes.

Typical application areas:
• general lifting with slings or hooks
• lifting within general industry
• assembly work requiring high precision lifting
• material handling with customized grippers
• packing onto pallets and roller conveyors