Mechcrane LPS APS

Cranes with possibilities

The Mechcrane comprises a large range of easy-to-handle cranes that can be mounted on a pillar or on a wall. The cranes can easily be fitted with many different lifting accessories. Because of having a lifting capacity of up to 250 kg and a standard working radius of up to 5 meters there are good possibilities to adapt the cranes to meet all requirements and environments.

The crane arms are based on the profiled rails of the Mechrail rail system range. This allows use of a large number of accessories as well as the fact that the profiles allow fitting of a varied number of extra accessories. The crane arm profiles are of anodized aluminium and thereby maintenance free.

The models Mechcrane LPS and APS are pillar-mounted and come in a variety of heights to suit most environments.

Standard colour for the crane pillar is RAL 9010 (white), but it can on request be supplied in any RAL colour.