Movomechs versatile lightweight rail system - an easy way to rationalize your handling

The Mechrail rail system assortment consists of different sizes and configurations of extruded aluminium profiles. The intricate design with T-channels and flanges creates profiles with maximum strength allowing a heavy load capacity. Mechrail can be used for loads up to 1000 kg. There are also profiles with completely smooth sides to allow easy cleaning In applications which demand high degree of cleanliness.

Aluminium provides the profiles with many advantageous properties. As an example, the system´s low weight facilitates installation, and the use of the system becomes light and easy. With our own range of suspensions and low-friction trolleys, a complete system of tracks and cranes is easily created. Should there later on be a need for widening or lengthening the system, it can be expanded with easy-to-fi t joint sets. The T-formed grooves on the sides of the profiles enable the attachment of various accessories. All of our Mechrail profiles are anodized, which makes them maintenance free and also provides a certain level of self-lubrication.

The suspension of the rail profiles is fitted into the top channel of the profile. There is a number of different suspension solutions depending on the construction of the building and available space.  Either the system can be roof-mounted directly onto the existing ceiling structure, or with hanging beams from high ceilings. Alternatively, the rail system can be mounted onto a floor-mounted steel structure when ceiling mounting for various reasons is not possible.

Each trolley has three pairs of ball-bearing wheels that run inside the aluminium profile. For some applications, drive units (Powerdrive) can be connected to the trolleys. These drive units can be uncoupled, which makes the crane manoeuvrable also by hand. The Mechrail product range also includes a number of components for providing drive units or lifting equipment with compressed air or electricity.

The Mechrail components are of course also used in other products within the Movomech product ranges. They are a natural part of our crane system Mechcrane, as well as being part of some of our lifters, for example Mechstack. Our chain lifter Mechchain Pro is directly adapted to the Mechrail profiles and is available for the rail sizes LHB, AHB1 and AHB2.