Mechstack Pro

A powerful electrical moment absorbing manipulator

Mechstack Pro is an electrically powered manipulator for handling and stacking of loads up to 250 kg and with a moment up to 2000 Nm.

The simplex driving chains, which are protected in the bus bar rails, connect the driving axle with the carriages. The lifter has a working length of up to 4 meter and is controlled and steered with a joystick via a frequency converter which gives a stepless, variable and synchronous lifting speed.


Mechstack Pro can be mounted in a Mechrail rail system, and be combined with Powerdrive drive units for controlled traversing.


Typical application areas for Mechstack Pro are stacking of heavy or bulky items to pallets or pallet storages, and collecting or leaving items at material depots.


Mechstack Pro is also used for tailormade assembly stations. A tool frame is available as standard accessory, on which a mechanical, eletrical or pneumatic gripper tool can be mounted to provide a unique customized handling solution.