IMTEX 2018 25-30 January

Movomech Sunnex India is exhibiting Movomech lifting solutions at IMTEX Forming 2018 in Bangalore, India. Welcome to meet us in stand 3A:C120!

Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers´ Association (IMTMA) organizes IMTEX FORMING 2018 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) from 25 to 30 January.

IMTEX FORMING 2018 is a significant exhibition for South East Asia with the presence of leading national and international manufacturing firms from the metal forming sector.

Find out more about IMTEX 2018 here.


EConfig closed for maintenance

For your information,
Our configurator EConfig is temporarily shut down for maintenance this afternoon 28 Dec at 14h00-16h00 CET.



Movomech on YouTube

Do you know that Movomech also has a selection of videos with examples of handling solutions with our products on YouTube? Make sure that you subscribe to our channel so you do not miss out on any new films!

Link to YouTube


Christmas greetings

2017 is about to end and we at Movomech want to thank all of our customers and partners for a good cooperation in 2017, and we are looking forward to many exciting new projects together in 2018!

For information, both our office and dispatch service will be open as usual during the Christmas holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Instead of sending Christmas cards, Movomech donates a Christmas gift to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.


Movomech is hiring

Movomech´s project business is growing and we are therefore expanding our design department. We are looking for a Mechanical Designer with project management experience.

Your work assignments
The work involves gripper tool design in the field of lifting technology and material handling. Your tasks include project management, layout work, design, design management, purchasing, preparation, documentation and sales support. In your work you also make customer visits and have regular contact with customers via email and phone.

Your background
You are college or university educated or have acquired the corresponding skills by working for a long time as a designer. Alternatively you have gained experience from the workshop as technician by building tools etc. As a designer, you use Catia, Inventor and AutoCAD, so experience of this is meritorious. You have technical talent and knowledge about pneumatics/calculations. You can handle multiple projects at the same time, and experience in project management is meritorious. You handle the Office package and can speak Swedish and English in spoken and written terms. German is meritorious. Electrical and automation skills are also meritorious.

You as a person
As a mechanical designer you are driven, social and positive. You are cost conscious and have no problems working independently or in groups. You like to have contact with customers. As a mechanical designer, you have a very close cooperation with our technicians in the workshop. We put great emphasis on your personal qualities.

The position is located in Kristianstad.

The position is 100% full time.

Appointment will be made during the first quarter of 2018. The selection is ongoing, so please submit your application as soon as possible, by latest February 28, 2018.

For more information, please contact Johan Håkansson by e-mail:

Welcome with your application!


Acknowledgement gathering CEO Arne Ask

Today we had a warm acknowledgment gathering for our former Managing Director, Arne Ask, who will retire by the end of this month.

Thank you for fourteen years of great cooperation – and best wishes for a pleasant and carefree retirement.


Student job opportunity

Are you a student looking for a part-time job?

Movomech currently offers a part-time position in Kristianstad, with start in September. For more information, contact Academic Search.


Summer opening hours

For your information, Movomech stays open throughout the summer, and we wish all our customers, partners and suppliers a nice and sunny summer!


We welcome Konstantin Kosmidis as new member of our sales team

Konstantin Kosmidis is a new member of our sales team, dedicated to the central and western regions of Sweden. Konstantin also represents our sister company Pronomic AB.

Konstantin Kosmidis has previously worked with sales in automation and self-service solutions. You can reach him by phone 070 -264 16 73 or by email


Demonstration of Mechlift Pro - Industrial Fairs 2017 in Malmö, Sweden

Short demonstration of one of our most popular manipulators - Mechlift Pro - at the Industrial Fairs in Malmö in March.

(A small correction of the information given in the video; Mechlift Pro handles up to 1500 Nm of torque!)


Meet Movomech at Maintenance, 29-30 March in Malmö!

Movomech exhibits at the Maintenance fair and show several new products such as Mechline Pro Crane - our smooth balance lifter Mechline Pro integrated in an articulated jib crane, and Easycrane - the flexible combination of an articulated jib crane and vacuum lifter!

You find us at stand C:04. You are welcome to download a free entrance ticket via the image link below. We look forward to see you at the Maintenance Fair!

Maintence is a part of the concept Industrimässorna Syd that also includes the fairs Automation, Process, Empack and Logistics & Distribution. Together they build this years biggest meeting place for the industry in southern Sweden 2017.


Movomech seeks Mechanical designer

Movomech is looking for a mechanical engineer with experience in project management for the project department.

The work as mechanical designer at Movomech involves drawing and designing gripper tools within lifting technology and material handling. Tasks include project management, layout drawings, mechanical design, design management, purchasing, preparation for production, documentation and sales support, as well as customer visits and regular contact with customers via email and telephone.

Learn more and apply here (in Swedish).


Great number of visitors at the Auto Fair 2017!

Thanks to all visitors who came by and tested our concepts for Automotive glass repair equipment and wheel handling Equipment at the Auto Fair in Gothenburg! The fair was very well attended and we had a couple of very nice days with many new contacts and inquiries.


We welcome Bengt Lundh as new member of our sales team

Bengt Lundh will work with sales for Movomech in southern Sweden and for our sister company Pronomic AB.

Bengt has previously worked for Roundo AB and has many years of experience in technical sales. You can reach him by phone 072-526 93 77 or


Movomech at the Auto Trade Fair 2017

Movomech will exhibit at the renowned Auto Trade Fair Automässan 2017 in Gothenburg, January 18-21. Come and visit us at stand D02:01!

For admission to Automässan 2017 - 18 - 21 januari 2017 - click here!

The Auto Trade Fair is the leading meeting place and exhibition venue for the vehicle service and workshop sectors throughout the whole of Scandinavia. The Auto Trade Fair  2017 will be arranged by FVU (The Association of Garage Equipment Suppliers) and SBF (Association of Swedish Car Parts Wholesalers ) in collaboration with MRF (Motorbranschens The Swedish National Association for Motor Trades & Repairs), MAF (The Swedish Motor Trade Employers’ Association) and SFVF (Sveriges Fordonsverkstäders Förening).


Merry Christmas!

Movomech wishes all customers and partners a Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year!

Our opening hours over the Christmas holiday are:


New and improved cylinders + new FRL unit

Mechline Pro
Mechlight Pro

For our pneumatic light lifters Mechline Pro and Pro Mechlight we recommend our new FRL unit with submicro filter - product sheets and manuals have been updated with new article numbers and data. (FRL unit included in Mechlight Pro and is an option with Mechline Pro.)

Mechlight Pro has also been updated with new cylinders with improved friction value. Installation dimensions, etc. are unchanged.


New website for Sunnex Machine mounts & Ergonomic mats

Sunnex Machine mounts & Ergonomic mats has a new website.
You find it here:




Movomech AB on Instagram

Follow Movomech AB on Instagram (movomech) and share both large and small events in our everyday work.


Movomech published in Kristianstadsbladet

During week 46 local newspaper Kristianstadsbladet published an article about Movomech and our participation in the event Industrial Night 2016.

You find the article here (in Swedish):
Industrial companies introduced themselves to high school students.

We would like to thank all visiting students and the organization behind the Industrial night for a very nice and successful event!

Photos from Kristianstadsbladet.


Movomech participates in the Industrial Night 2016!

During the Industrial Night on November 16, students at the age of 15-18 visit local industrial companies. The main purpose is to give the students a first encounter with the professional life and to awake an interest for the industrial sector.

Participating companies get the chance to present interesting products, new technology, nice working environments and, not at least - roads to future employments.

The Industrial Night is an initiative by the Centre of Industrial development, IUC, which is held to showcase the region´s industrial companies and facilitate their future recruitment.


Product sheet Mechlift Pro E + Mechrail catalogue : new issues

The update of Mechlift Pro E includes correction of enclosure class (typo).

Mechlift Pro E Sales sheet 2016-11-01 EN

The update of Mechrail includes:

  • updated load diagram (double trolley LHB)
  • correction of load table (PHB1)

Mechrail 2016-11-01 EN (high resolution 14 Mb)
Mechrail 2016-11-01 EN (low resolution 5 Mb)


Mechrail catalogue updated

There is a new issue of the Mechrail catalogue here:
Mechrail 2016-10-01 EN (high resolution 14 Mb)
Mechrail 2016-10-01 EN (low resolution 5 Mb)

The update includes:

  • new article numbers for double trolleys
  • new article numbers for safety wires for double trolleys
  • new air preparation unit (FRL) with submicro filter 0.01 μm
  • fuse boxes added


Movomech turns 30!

Movomech turns 30 on September 12, 2016!

Movomech was founded in 1986 i Kristianstad, Sweden, and has over the years developed to become a complete supplier of ergonomic lifting and material handling equipment. Ever since inception, Movomech has focused on delivering solutions with good ergonomics, and thus increase customer profitability through faster production, fewer injuries and more satisfied staff.

We want to thank our customers and partners for good cooperation over the years, and look forward to exciting future projects together.

Movomech AB

Movomech International AB


New Mechchain Pro II - product sheet available!

Mechchain Pro II is the smooth frequency controlled lifting unit - now in an updated version!

  • new weight class: 225 kg
  • encoder for start/stop positions
  • integrated PLC
  • control unit in aluminium

A Product sheet is now available for the new version of Mechchain Pro II, see under Products.

For more information about Mechchain Pro II, read here...


Happy Midsummer!

Because of Midsummer holiday, Movomech is closed on Friday June 24. We wish all of our customers and partners a nice Midsummer weekend!

Movomech AB & Movomech International AB


Product sheet Mechspace Pro

A new release 2015-05-01 of product sheet for Mechspace Pro is available under Products, and replaces the previous Mechspace Pro 70/70P catalogue. In the product sheet, both Mechspace Pro 70/70P and 150/150P are specified.


EConfig inaccessible Thursday May 26 due to updates

On Thursday May 26:e between 08.00-10.00, EConfig will be inaccessible due to updates.

Movomech AB


New switchboard system

We want to inform our Customers that on Wednesday, May 11, Movomech will switch to a mobile switchboard system. When You call our switchboard, You will have the choice of language (Swedish/English) and an extension number 1-7 depending on your case.

We hope that this change will take place without significant problems and that You will get the same great service as You expect.

Martin Olsson

Quality Manager Movomech Kristianstad


Door lift delivered to CH Industry AB!

Movomech custom lifting device for doors installed at CH Industry AB in Eskilstuna.


Thank you for visiting our booth at the Underhålls Fair in Gothenburg March 8 to 11.

Great interest was shown for the new Mechchain Pro II with 225 kg lifting capacity, integrated PLC etc. 

We also had our competition "The master of masters" with Mechspace Pro 70P which attracted visitors to our booth.

Underhålls Fair 2016 increased number of visitors by nearly 20% compared with previous fair in 2014. Including exhibitors in total 16 005 people participated at this year´s fair.


We are exhibiting at Underhall 8-11 March 2016 in Gothenburg. 
Underhåll is northern Europe´s largest trade exhibition for maintenance and manufacturing operations.

Welcome to our Stand B09:42!


New! Standardized gripper tool arms for Mechspace Pro etc.

We can now offer a standard set of gripper tool arms adapted for Mechspace Pro and in some cases Mechlift Pro.

You find the catalog here (Mechspace Pro section).


Updated manuals/product sheets

Now, also the following product sheets and manuals have been published with respect to updated pneumatic drawings:

  • Mechline Pro manual + product sheet (including load limiting kit as option)
  • Mechspace Pro 70 manual
  • Mechspace Pro 70P manual
  • Mechspace Pro 150 manual


Updated product sheet Mechlift Pro E

The product sheet for Mechlift Pro E has been updated due to a misprint regarding lifting speed unit. The updated edition is dated 2015-12-01.


Merry Christmas!

Movomech wishes all customers and partners a Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year!

Our opening hours over the Christmas holiday are:


Tiltech delivers to Atlas Copco!

We congratulate the company Tiltech to their latest project delivered to Atlas Copco in the Benelux area.
The project consisted of a reinforced version of the electric manipulator Mechstack mounted in the aluminium rail system Mechrail.


Successful cooperation!

Maruti Suzuki and Uncease Group decided to team up for the wheel mounting process. All stations consists of the well renowned Movomech aluminium rail system Mechrail with customized tool, the pneumatic wire balancer Mechline Pro and custom made wheel grippers.


Updated pneumatic Mechlift Pro 150

Mechlift Pro 150 has been updated from release 2015-11-01:

  • new design of piston and piston seals
  • updated pneumatic drawings (as for Mechlift Pro 100 etc.)
  • updated cross units (same design as electric Mechlift Pro)
  • and (consequently); the same brake unit as for electric Mechlift Pro


Updated pneumatics in Movomech manipulators this fall/winter 2015/2016

Please note that all pneumatic drawings for Movomech’s pneumatic standard manipulators will be updated during the fall and winter of 2015/2016.

The first one out is Mechlight Pro which has been updated in release 2015-10-01, and Mechlift Pro 100 with release 2015-11-01.

It is followed by Mechlift Pro 150, Mechline Pro and Mechspace Pro 70 + 150.



Meet us at SCANPACK Fair 20-23 October in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Scanpack is the largest exhibition of its kind in Northern Europe. You find us at booth: B09:40.



EConfig temporarily down

On Monday October 5, EConfig will be offline between 16.00-20.00 CET because of updates.

Movomech EConfig team


Mechlift Pro E update

We have improved and fine-tuned one of our most common lifters: electrical Mechlift. The new Pro version is built with new modular units and has been equipped with new options.

Some of the new features are integrated PLC and an optional encoder for easy programming of stop/start positions along the stroke. More about the news can be found here.

The new article numbers are listed in the product sheet for Mechlift Pro E.
You find it under Products/Mechlift Pro E: here.

The first releases of new Mechlift Pro E have been delivered during the
summer of 2015.


New colleague

We are pleased to welcome Karl Thorbjörnson to Movomech AB.

Karl will work with Sales Sweden and is a part of our expansion of resources in Marketing.

Karl comes from Binar Quick-Lift Systems AB.


New feature in EConfig

A new feature is added in EConfig; now product CAD files can be downloaded in
STEP format from our online CAD library.

The previous CAD library on Movomech´s FTP server will be closed down
on 1st of July.


Midsummer is coming!

Friday, June 20 is Midsummer Eve in Sweden, the Office of Kristianstad is
then closed and will open again on 22 June.

We wish you all a pleasant midsummer, greetings from us at Movomech!


Successful cooperation with Double Ju International Ltd.

Movomech has together with the German partner company; Double Ju International Ltd, developed a wide range of solutions for handling reels which can be adapted to a number of various businesses and handling situations. 

These various combinations for installations offers many possibilities to find a complete solution for your needs. The range of reel handling tools are designed to be experienced as reliable and solid with the highest safety norms. Our concept product range today consists of reel handling combinations with load capacities from 30 kg up to 400 kg. Read more...

For more information, please contact Movomech.


Movomech is honored by TATA Motors to supply equipment for the Sanand Plant, Gujarat, India.

Movomech will provide equipment such as the well-known aluminium overhead rail system Mechrail and different manipulators and balancers for the assembly lines.

“TATA Motors is an important customer and we are very pleased to continue our expansion in India and to see that Movomech is highly demanded as a supplier of equipment,” says Mr. Kristian Paulsson, Movomech Area Sales Manager. “Also we must highlight the successful cooperation with our partner, Uncease Group, responsible for this project in Sanand for TATA motors”, Mr. Paulsson continues.


EConfig Mechrailkonfigurator replaces ECalc

Movomech price- and quotation generator ECalc will be shut down the 05/31/2015.

ECalc´s replacement Movomech EConfig is already in use.

EConfig is our new developed web-based konfigurator where users can quickly retrieve prices on components, cranes, lifters and rail systems. 

For more information and login information, contact Movomech.


Movomech participated at the fair Hispack & BTA 2015 in Barcelona.

Bastos C.I.A, Movomech and Pronomic partner and distributor participated at the fair Hispack & BTA in Barcelona 21-24 April 2015, which is one of the largest fairs in Europe for packaging-, food- and beverage industry. In Bastos booth was shown Movomech Mechrail systems, Easyhand T and Pronomic Lift&Drive trolleys. The fair was attended by about 38.000 visitors.

We thank Bastos Team for a well organized and successful week at the fair.


New catalogue Mechrail

An updated version of the Mechrail catalogue is available under Products - Mechrail.


Updated version of PHB from May 2015

From the month of May 2015, our smallest profile PHB will be delivered in a new and improved version. The difference from the previous version is that the top slot of the profile will be the same as on LHB. Article numbers will be new but the name is still PHB.

Updated PHB Components

Some components are consequently updated:

  • console for wire/spiral hose
  • end stop
  • joint set

Please klick here for article numbers, and here for flyer.

Updated cataloque

An updated Mechrail catalogue will be available for download on our webpage from May 1st.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Movomech.


New EConfig Mechrail configurator

By using EConfig, a web-based rail system configurator developed by Movomech, you can quickly and easily configure your Mechrail rail system. In addition to components and prices, the system also generates a 3D CAD model of the system — a time-saving and long-awaited feature!

EConfig takes care of the design and component selection and generates all necessary documents such as quotation, parts list, 2D drawing in PDF/DWG and a 3D STEP model. All the user has
to do is to follow the step-by-step instructions given by the graphic interface.

EConfig can also generate an article quotation with items from the entire Movomech product range. All prices are net prices updated according to the customer’s price agreements.

The EConfig and document languages can be selected by the user. Currently, available languages are Swedish and English. EConfig also offers the possibility to select the unit of measure: mm - feet/inches and kg - pounds.

Users’ clients are able to log in and create their own configurations with a self-registered login profile.

  • New graphical interface
  • Selectable deflection factor
  • Clear technical specification
  • CAD drawing 2D/3D
  • Downloadable documents

For more information and login details, please contact Movomech.


New standard build height Mechline Pro

Mechline Pro has been updated, new standard build height BH is 1500 mm (previously 500 mm). The manual for Mechline Pro, release 2015-02-01) includes a revision list. It can be downloaded here.


Pneumatic Mechlift Pro 100/150 are updated

The product sheet and the manual for pneumatic Mechlift Pro 150 are now available at our webpage, release no 2015-01-01.

The manual for pneumatic Mechlift Pro 100 has been updated (release no 2015-02-01), now including a revision list.

All documents can be downloaded here.


Updated pneumatic Mechlift Pro 100

Pneumatic Mechlift Pro 100 has been updated! Some news regarding the current configuration:

  • New modules: "cross unit" + "pillar unit" replace previous modules "base model" + "stroke".
  • New piston design, including guide band and a new sealing.
  • The build height (BH) for pneumatic Mechlift Pro 100 is stated from the top end of the pillar unit to the upper side of the cross unit, for all cross unit versions.
  • A complete set of suspensions, incl. cross braces for the long suspensions.
  • An extended set of pneumatic configurations.
  • New option: manual pressure release (facilitates venting of the lifter prior to maintenance work).
  • New version of stroke limiter.

Product sheet and documentation are available for download on our webpage under Products.

If you have any questions, please contact


Updated Mechspace Pro catalogue

An updated Mechspace catalogue is available for download.

In this revision 2014-07-01:

  • new pneumatic configurations have been added
  • suspensions and control units have been added


Summer is coming!

Midsummer weekend is coming up in Sweden, and our office in Kristianstad will be closed on Friday, June 20.

Furthermore, we wish to inform you that we do not Close for holiday this summer, but please note that delivery capacity during weeks 29-31 will be limited.

Have a nice summer holiday!



Correction of measure in Mechrail catalogue


We have discovered measures in our Mechrail catalogue which have not been updated correctly. The measures are the Z-height of the suspension type A,
on page 16, and load on type D (L). A new revision of the catalogue dated 2014-06-01 has been made available for download on the website.

In a printed catalog dated 2014-03-01 or 2013-07-01, please make a note on page 16, and update the following dimensions: 






Organizational change at Movomech AB


From April 1, 2014, Movomech AB and sister company Movomech Systems AB will operate as one company. The company will keep the name Movomech AB.


This is an intragroup change that will allow us to support our customers and partners more efficiently and we look forward to continuing our good cooperation.


Istanbul WIN - World of Industry Fair
WIN Automation 19 - 22 March 2014

Great interest is shown for Movomech products in the Turkish market and we want to thank all the dedicated people at Modsim Tech and all the visitors they had in the stand at the WIN Automation 2014 fair in Istanbul.




WIN Automation 2014 

World of Industry WIN Automation
Successful professionals who are ´in the know´ make this fair a top priority, year after year. WIN - World of Industry WIN Automation is the absolute leading trade fair for the high-growth Automation, Electro-tech, Hydraulic & Pneumatic and Materials Handling sectors in Turkey.The synergy of this mega-event is certain to be a magnet for international attendees. WIN 2012 attracted 119.000 professionals from all over the world. 2014 year´s show is predicted to break attendance.
This is an event that you can´t afford to miss!



Updated Mechrail catalogue


An updated Mechrail catalogue is available for download, edition 2014-03-01. It is currently available in English and Swedish. A German and French version will be available soon.


In this edition, a new type of spacer for double crane is introduced. The new version is top-mounted, which facilitates mounting accessories along the inside of the double crane profiles.


For any questions, please contact your sales representative.




Maintenance 2014


We want to thank all thevisitors we had in our stand at the Maintenance 2014 fair. We experienced great interest in Movomech’s products and solutions, and we received many direct requests at our stand during the fair.


Especially rewarding was it to see that Movomech’s new concepts were received so well; a series of ready-made concepts in which we use using our extensive product range to offer various standardized solutions to recurring handling problems.


The application with electric Mechlift combined with our mechanical roll handling tool GW was a real attraction at the fair.




Updated Mechline Pro catalogue

An updated Mechline catalogue is available for download.


In this revision 2014-03-01:


  • the length dimension of the lifter has been corrected
  • two new pneumatic options have been added: slow speed function and load guard


Maintenance 2014
Svenska Mässan, Gothenburg, 11-14 March


We would like to invite you to meet us at Maintenance 2014, where we present lifting and handling solutions. The fair takes place at Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg on March 11 to 14, and you will find us at stand B09:42. Contact our sales team to receive a free admission ticket.



Maintenance is Scandinavia´s premier cross-industry forum, where experience meet future operational and maintenance issues. The fair has a width that makes it interesting and relevant for virtually all industries and a variety of positions. Approximately 250 companies are involved during four intensive days.
Read more at:



Welcome to Motek, 7-10 October 2013

If you are visiting the Motek fair in Stuttgart this year, you are more than welcome to visit Movomech´s stand, Hall 9, stand no. 9128, to try out our lifters and get information on the latest handling solutions.

Several lifters from Movomech´s product range are physically available on site for you to get a hands-on experience of our equipment.


The Movomech team will be happy to help you with any handling problems.
We look forward to welcoming you!


Motek – The Number 1 Meeting Place for the Industry
The international trade fair Motek is the world´s leading event in production and assembly automation, feed technology and material flow, and efficiency through management technology and industrial handling. Motek is the only exhibition that clearly focuses on all aspects of mechanical and automation at the presentation of entire process chains.


Now there is a new Mechrail catalogue to download.

You will find it under "Products".


Now there are new catalogues to download: Mechchain, electrical Powerdrive and electric Mechlift.


 You find them under Products.


Many thanks to all who visited our booth at the Malmö Exhibition, where we exhibited together with our sister company Pronomic AB.


On April 17 to 18 was organized five exhibitions under one roof at MalmöMässan; AUTOMATION, FOOD PRODUCTION, LOGISTICS, PACK & EMBALLAGE and MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY. When the doors closed on the afternoon of April 18 it was the organizer easyFairs note that the 3513 decision makers from industry in Sweden and Denmark visited the fair, an increase of 45% from last year.


EasyFairs Industrial Fair,
Pack & Emballage 17 to 18 April 2013 on Malmömässan, Hyllie.

Welcome to visit us at Stand E22 where we offer the opportunity to test products and concepts from our range.
Please come and discuss handling solutions with us.

Click here for ticket


A successful Scanpack 2012 fair


Thank you everyone who visited our booth at Scanpack 2012, where Movomech showed handling equipment for packing and material handling. For us it was an exciting and interesting fair, and we had a great number of motivating meetings and discussions that made these four days a great experience. As a result, we can see many new partner collaborations and customers in the near future.


Scanpack plays an important role as the natural and most important meeting place for the packaging industry in the Nordic countries.


­Movomech at TATEF 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey

With a great interest from customers and visitors, Movomech products were presented by Canatek at the 2012 TATEF exhibition in Istanbul, the 2-7 October.

Movomech would like to thank the Canatek team, visitors and customers showing up, and we look forward to continued successful cooperation in Turkey.

TATEF, 14th International Metalworking Technologies Exhibition is recognized by manufacturers and distributors worldwide. Among the 5 largest exhibitions in the world, TATEF brings leading Turkish and international companies of the sector together and provides the opportunity for its attendees to reach global markets and business partners. Click here to read more. 


Welcome to the new!

We would like to welcome you to our new website! Some news that have
been introduced in the new version:

• A clearer overview of our products

• Integration of the Movomech Sunnex product range: machine mounts and
  ergonomic workplace mats

• A shared page for the Movomech companies’ contact details

We are also currently working on building a searchable database with Movomech’s customized solutions for material handling and assembly in a wide range of industries. The database will be launched later this winter.

We hope our new website will be appreciated and that you will find the information
you seek. If you have questions or want to give us suggestions on what you want to
see in the next update, please contact us.


SCANPACK 2012 Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre
Gothenburg, 23-26 October

Visit us at SCANPACK 2012 where we present lifting and handling equipment for
the industry – products and solutions that simplify and streamline everyday work.

You find us in stand B01:48. For ticket, use code: ewi9m9.

Want more information about the fair? Click here.



Movomech AB proudly presents the new Mechchain Pro!

Mechchain Pro is the brand new version of our lifting device that combines all
the important features appreciated by the operator.

• Precise
Thanks to a frequency controlled lifting movement, the operator can handle objects
with a millimetre precision.

• Fast
The lifting speed is stepless and can be adjusted by reprogramming of
the frequency converter.

• Silent
Mechchain Pro series operates completely silently.

• Smooth
Even though Mechchain Pro is a chain lifter, the lifting movements are so smooth
that the operator does not feel any vibrations by the chain running up and down.

• Control
Mechchain Pro can be equipped with a standardized mounting bracket for the
control unit, enabling an easy integration onto mechanical grippers.

Mechchain Pro is also available as a version with remote control.

• Capacity
As its predecessor, Mechchain Pro is available with lifting capacities of
63, 80 and 125 kg.

• Price
Having reworked and refined both the design specifications and the manufacturing
process, we are please to announce that the new Mechchain Pro will be released
to the market with an 20- 25 % price reduction compared to the original Mechchain,
depending on configuration.

An improved lifter to a lower cost – Mechchain Pro is a competitive new addition
to our product range!


Product News: Mechline Pro 50

We are pleased to announce an exciting new product from Movomech namely the pneumatic Mechline Pro 50 - the first model in Mechline program.

Mechline Pro 50 is very operator friendly, and lifts as the name suggests with wire. Hard tests during the development period have led to a very durable and safe design.

Mechline Pro 50 is available in versions for specified loads, or with a direct steering “speed handle” as lifting and lowering control unit.

During the development period, successful tests conducted among end customers resulted in immediate orders for several units.

Product catalogues and leaflets are available for download at

For more information, please contact Movomech AB.


Product News: Mechspace Pro 70/70P

We proudly present another new product which is released in February of 2012:
our pneumatic moment absorbing manipulator with improved ergonomic properties – Mechspace Pro 70/70P.

Mechspace Pro 70/70P is extremely easy to manoeuver and gives ergonomic freedom of movement within a large working area. The lifter is a development of the original Mechspace 70 that it from here on replaces.

Mechspace Pro is the natural choice where the working reach is of high importance, as for example when the operator is working under a protruding roof, inside a vehicle or in a working area with restricted accessibility.

The moment absorbing features gives important advantages for complex material handling operations, and for gripping and rotation of eccentric loads.

Mechspace Pro 70 is available in two models for loads up to 70 kg: a hanging version and a pillar-mounted version, which also can be equipped with a mobile footplate for easy repositioning.

The lifter can be delivered balanced for varying loads or with a balance function for two or more permanent loads. The working stroke is 900 mm.

Product catalogues and leaflets are soon available for download at

For more information, please contact Movomech AB.