Pneumatic Mechlift Pro

A versatile moment absorbing manipulator

Pneumatic Mechlift Pro is extremely versatile and can be used for many different applications.

The lifter can be counterbalanced for handling various loads or be equipped with a balancing function for one or more loads up to 150 kg, and it can mounted with an electric or pneumatic drive unit (Powerdrive) for controlled sideway motions.

The lifter can be fitted with standard or specially constructed tooling and with accessories such as rotation units, tooling fixtures, brake units, etc. This allows Mechlift Pro to be easy adaptable for different applications and for lifting and handling within many different branches and sectors.

The lifter is constructed by telescopic operating profiles in aluminium that are anodized and thereby virtually maintenance free.

Typical application areas for the pneumatic Mechlift Pro are lifting and handling of material rolls or sheets, doors, windows, storage tanks and automotive parts.